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System Engineering

Signature Engineering is Ascendant Technologies' core mission. Our field proven domain knowledge is now part of signature modification kits for the MDA’s Flexible Target Family, Patriot Target Vehicle, and various other reentry vehicles and countermeasure objects. We utilize a cross discipline approach coupled with high fidelity target modeling and analysis, employing novel signature solutions as needed to furnish robust solutions. These effort employ gap mitigation analysis and beneifts of analysis to provide cost effective solutions that meet defined requirements. We also have supported more conceptual efforts such as MDA Black Team, Hercules Red Team, and Countermeasures Hands On Program (CHOP) supporting not only development and assessment of countermeasure design but also Blue susceptibility. Whether for a flight mission or for capability assessment Ascendant signature engineering is truly Next Level.

Mission Planning & Flight Testing

All development leads to the moment of flight. Successful mission planning and flight testing support are the keys to program success. Ascendant fingerprints are on real world flights for MDA like FTG-06, FTM-15, FTT-14 for F-18E/F and JSF. We know flight testing may only last a few minutes but its success is due to a long process of interaction between all program stakeholders. Ascendant personnel are adept at all stages of the mission process from pre mission planning to post mission analysis. When the program is at a critical step, Ascendant personnel are ready to ensure mission success.

Test Management & Oversight

When it comes to testing, experience counts. Ascendant experience has helped our customers to foresee and avoid potential pitfalls. Ascendant has overseen tests in facilities all over the country including Pt. Mugu, Marshall Space Flight Center, and the Atlantic Test Range, for customers such as MDA, Navy, and LTPO. Testing is a critical stage of a program, and problems will come up. When they do, Ascendant personnel have the experience to mitigate their impact and know-how to solve the issues and ensure a successful test.

Requirements & System Definition

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Ascendant personnel build the working relationships with their government counterparts necessary to shepherd a program from design to flight. Through continuous interaction with all stakeholders Ascendant can help create the set of requirements for the program to not only ensure success but also customer satisfaction. Ascendant personnel have been specifically recognized on programs like Lockheed Martin MDA Targets and Countermeasures Prime Contract where they served on the Systems Engineering and Integration Team (SEIT). The exceptional contributions of the SEIT team won them the highest percentage award fee of any team on the contract. Effective system definition and requirements analysis is value added regardless of the size of the program.

Modeling & Simulation

When well conceived and properly executed, modeling and simulation provides the technical backbone of a program. Far too often M&S falls short of expectations, falling into false choices between fidelity and speed. Ascendant leverages its hardware focus to modeling and simulation tasks. For Ascendant’s core mission of signature engineering, our domain knowledge allows us unique capability with industry standard codes such as XPatch, OSC and Optisig. Ascendant is not limited to using existing codes and is currently engaged with industry and government customers developing new M&S tools for fighter aircraft, ballistic missiles, and even wind turbines.