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Clayton is the cofounder of Ascendant Technologies and its principle RCS subject matter expert. He has supported a wide range of Low Observable programs which include; the Navy's F/A 18 E/F Super Hornet upgrade, the Army's LO RAH-66 Comanche Helicopter, numerous Missile Defense Agency (MDA) Ballistic Missile programs, and other DoD programs. In these programs Clayton has served in various positions from design engineer to Electromagnetic Department Head. Clayton was the team lead responsible for maintaining and reporting the F-18 RCS status during the EMD phase. He was also the Mod & Sim team lead for the Systems Engineering Integration Team (SEIT) for the MDA Targets and Countermeasure program (TCP).

Clayton Spann

As Mod & Sim team lead he was instrumental in introducing an integrated cross discipline approach to TCP signature design solutions. Clayton has often interfaced with primary government technical POC's to clarify and refined initial requirements and status signature engineering activities. He also has an extensive background (over 3,000 hours) in planning, conducting, and analyzing RCS measurements. He has tested at over 12 different RCS measurement facilities, managed an indoor compact range, and currently supports the Navy's Outdoor Dynamic measurement facility at Patuxent Naval air station.

Scott serves as Ascendant’s IR signature lead and cofounded Ascendant. He holds a Master of Science at Virginia Tech and maintains a number of professional contacts with its faculty. He has published his research in technical journals of the AIAA other organizations. His past experience includes numerous reentry vehicle and launch vehicle development efforts such as MBRV-1, MBRV-2 and LV-2 and infrared signature material studies such as the Cycle 2 study for Lockheed Martin Targets and Countermeasures. In addition to these development efforts, his contributions have impacted MDA flight tests for GMD, THAAD, Aegis and Patriot such as FTG-06,FTM-15ATM-48 and others.

Scott Wallis

A recognized subject matter expert in IR signature modification and design, his signature solutions continue to be implemented on programs throughout the MDA community. His system engineering contributions to LM TCP, MDA Black Team, and Hercules Red Team have been recognized by customers and government leadership. With his timely interaction with government technical POCs and experience in ballistic missile development he has refined requirements for programs in such a way that not only can unnecessary cost and schedule be averted but also a more technically sound product provided. His current activities include countermeasure effectiveness studies, wind turbine modeling and simulation, and high speed aerodynamics.