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Ascendant Technologies is a small veteran owned business dedicated to providing a high level of technical competence in Radar Cross Section (RCS) and Infrared (IR) technology. Founded in the National Capital Region, Ascendant serves customers nationwide filling a niche for real world subject matter expertise.

Ascendant’s core mission is to offer engineering services and support in RCS signature, IR signature, and System Engineering.


Ascendant personnel provide critical system engineering support on projects ranging in size from small, short term studies to multi-year, multi-million dollar programs

Consistently recognized by government and leadership for adding value and saving money, Ascendant system engineering is often the difference in ensuring customer satisfaction.Read more


As part of Ascendant’s core mission, our personnel provide IR signature engineering support to our customers. At each stage in the design process, from conceptual design to material and flight testing, Ascendant brings the experience and expertise to meet or exceed customer requirements.

With contributions supporting requirements definition, performance analysis, IR signature modification, Ascendant strives for mission success.


As part of Ascendant’s core mission, our personnel provide RCS signature engineering support services.

A wide suite of RCS analytical tools and prediction codes are used in conjunction with staff's real world design and test experience to provide a robust and cost effective solution.